Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The age as this is belongs to ultra fast things. When it comes to internet, the next generation broadband speed has arrived. The fiber optic broadband network offers unbelievable and never before seen speeds of as much as 40Mbit/s and more. But then a recent ISP review survey adds that the general people of United Kingdom are actually sad with their internet speeds as well as their internet service providers. As many as 491 respondents answered the survey. The review site ISP review thus revealed that a majority of these people are actually unhappy with their internet service providers. A good thirty one percent of the respondents are actually looking at changing their broadband providers in the New Year of 2011. As many as thirty six percent of them stated that their ISP was very “poor”.

About twenty six percent of the respondents were unimpressed with the customer support of the ISPs. This is definitely a poor scenario which should none the less improve in the coming times. Considering the fact that by 2015 the fibre optic broadband should be all across the United Kingdom. Things should definitely get better by then in terms both the internet speed as well as the services given by the providers. This apart there is also going to be stricter regulations and laws as far as the ISPs are concerned. Laws like the Digital Economy Act will see the process shooting up which is bound to affect the common people. In the mean while the action will only get more explosive and the competition stiffer.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sky’s much awaited 3D Channel finally Live

Sky captivated the minds and hearts of the 3D enthusiasts in April 2010 with the launch of its 3D channel in pubs and clubs across UK. The giant has now officially launched the channel for home viewing in UK. The wait to watch 3D TV content in the comfort of home is finally over.

October 1, 2010 has arrived and so has Sky’s 3D channel. The channel with its launch itself excited millions of TV buffs in UK. As always Sky has lot more to offer, the launch of its 3D channel could not be made any better than it already is.

The 3D channel will telecast 3 days live coverage of the Ryder cup, which will be the first ever-3D experience for the golf fans. Watching the prestigious tournament in 3D would mean next to watching it live sitting at the venue. The channel will also telecast movies including Bolt and Monster vs Aliens during the weekend.

With the launch of a 3D channel now, people will have access to dedicated 3D content. They will no longer have to watch the same old content. With Sky’s 3D channel the hopes of exclusive content are high.

People who wish to experience the 3D TV viewing experience need to have a 3D TV set, Sky’s HD TV connection and pair of 3D glasses. Now that UK has its own 3D channel the sales of 3D TV sets are also being expected to shoot up.

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